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Cisco IronPort Web Security Appliances

The number of security threats introduced by web traffic has reached epidemic proportions. Traditional gateway defenses are proving to be inadequate against a variety of web-based malware, leaving corporate networks exposed to the inherent danger posed by these threats. In addition to the security risks introduced by web-based malware and spyware, web traffic also exposes an organization to compliance and productivity risks introduced by inappropriate usage of the web within an organization. The Cisco-IronPort S-Series web security appliance is the industry's first and only secure web gateway to combine traditional URL filtering, reputation filtering, malware filtering and data security on a single platform to address these risks. By combining innovative technologies, the Cisco IronPort S-Series helps organizations address the growing challenges of both securing and controlling web traffic.

Appliance No. of Users Description

10,000+ Protects the network perimeter against spyware and a wide variety of web-based threats.
10,000 Designed to protect small businesses and branch offices, this model has the same features as the IronPort S660, and industry-leading protection against web threats
1,000 Designed to protect small businesses, this model has the same features as the IronPort S660, and industry-leading protection from web threats

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