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LANShield™ Technology
The enabling technology for intelligent control The changing focus from increasing bandwidth to increasing control requires custom silicon to meet the associated demand for intense processing power. Our custom LANShield silicon consists of a 128-core processor and two custom traffic-processing programmable ASICs to deliver intelligent switching. These custom chips support the massively parallel processing needed to provide stateful deep packet inspection on each traffic
flow and detailed Layer 7+ tracking and policy enforcement – enabling user and application control
at wire speeds.
The LANShield product family marries custom silicon with dedicated intelligent control software to enable full visibility and control of users, applications, and threats. The LANShield OS drives the silicon and delivers these controls. It also performs the three-way binding of IP address, MAC address, and user identity, learned during authentication, to support identity-based control and full visibility of all user activities.
The programmability of the LANShield hardware and software enable ConSentry to update the LANShield Switches and LANShield Controllers to accommodate changes in protocols,
applications, and attack architectures that may affect the LAN’s vulnerability.

The LANShield Silicon consists of the LANShield Processor, a massively parallel multithreaded
128-core CPU, and the LANShield Flow Accelerator and Visualizer programmable ASICs

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