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Comprehensive Internet Security System
High-performance security and systems management software for enterprise companies

BigFix Unified Management Platform

the solution that sees global, acts local - consolidation with bigfix unified management platform

brings your assets under control
Key Benefit

BigFix Products and Solutions The BigFix Unified Management Platform powers high performance security and systems management delivered within specific solution suites. These products all benefit from the flexibility, scalability, extensibility and streamlined management of the BigFix architecture. These are:

BigFix Systems Lifecycle Management: Bringing cost- savings to key IToperational functions critical at each stage of the systems lifecycle—for desktops, servers and roaming laptops. Specific functionality includes: asset discovery and inventory, patch management, power management, remote desktop, software distribution, software asset management, and OS deployment.

BigFix Security Configuration and Vulnerability Management:Consolidating services including vulnerability management, automated security configuration management, rogue device discovery, and security patch management to cut costs, reduce complexity, and lower security risks.

BigFix Endpoint Protection:Providing organizations with a complete set of integrated manage-ment
for endpoint security including Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware, third-party AV/AMmanagement, NAC, and Endpoint Firewall. Continuous visibility See All, Fix All from a Single Point of Control

Across the board, many enterprises struggle with the same challenges in system and security operations management: poor visibility and control, long time-to-value, high TCO, and slow
“scan and deploy” policy enforcement. Most security and systems management solutions are equipped to deal only with problems that the enterprise has encountered to date. An ideal solution would not only consolidate and automate processes for maximum ROIand minimum TCO, but would have the intelligence to recognize and address unanticipated problems that arise.

BigFix Unified Management, a high-performance system and security management framework,
works with your existing infrastructure to consolidate previously disparate processes into unified, policy-driven visibility and control. This allows you to solve emerging ITchallenges on demand
and in real time. The highly scalable BigFix architecture enables organizations to deploy BigFix in parallel with their existing software management solutions and immediately see how they’re performing and where they’re falling short. BigFix supports a wide variety of reports and dashboards and integrates with third-party configuration management databases (CMDBs).

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