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AppBeat Solution Suite
As the world moves increasingly towards cloud, Software-as-a-Service, and virtualized infrastructures, Web application performance has assumed a new importance. SaaS vendors and cloud computing providers stake their business models on application performance. Web properties need to constantly add subscribers and features to fuel their business growth, while enterprises rely on the Web for customer interactions and employee productivity.

In today's complex application environment, achieving consistent and reliable performance is incredibly difficult. Simply throwing more servers into the mix is expensive and, ultimately,
a stopgap measure. The AppBeat solution suite offers an innovative approach to accelerating
and optimizing application performance while limiting IT sprawl and streamlining costs.

The AppBeat solution suite provides unprecedented control over application performance,
from web-facing delivery to the transaction level within the application. Leveraging the unique
capabilities of the Maestro hardware platform, AppBeat delivers an optimal user experience
while aligning resources with business priorities.

The AppBeat solution suite includes:
  • AppBeat DC is a web-facing application delivery controller that empowers web applications to serve more users and traffic, faster, with fewer resources. It accelerates Web applications by offloading and consolidating common tasks, and controls resource allocation to meet business objectives and service levels. AppBeat DC supports emerging cloud computing and SaaS providers,
    high-end Web properties, and small or mid-sized enterprises with critical Web applications.  
  • AppBeat SC  extends AppBeat DC's application delivery functions by monitoring and controlling Web application performance at the transaction level. It helps you guarantee and deliver service levels for specific users or transactions, aligning performance with your business objectives.  
  • Maestro Platform is the award-winning, purpose-built hardware platform that delivers unparalleled application acceleration performance. With the new Maestro CN-7000 platform,
    there is a solution to meet every business need, up to 10 Gbps. Maestro Blade offers the same power in an easy-to-integrate blade form factor for OEM partners.

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