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NetGain Enterprise Manager™
NetGain Enterprise Manager™ is the world’s first plug-and-play appliance that manages an enterprise’s IT infrastructure entirely from a business perspective.

The quick to deploy, user-friendly appliance functions by periodic monitoring and supervision of the enterprise’s IT infrastructure. Comprising of network, systems, applications management; this device is designed to achieve desirable business benefits, avoid IT downtimes and lower operational costs. This ground-breaking technology will most definitely ensure smooth functional of our customer's core business. End-users are guaranteed to be satisfied with this fast and efficient approach.

An appliance-based solution for end-end IT management of enterprise networks, systems and applications

Unlike traditional IT management, NetGain Systems seeks to vertically assimilate the entire IT infrastructure from a business (service-oriented) perspective:IT business management structure. NetGain EM is able to provide an end-to-end integrated management in a multi-vendor, heterogeneous environment, with its wide range of monitoring programs. These monitoring programs can be located at any level of the network, and there are no limitations when forming linkages between different programs.

NetGain Enterprise Manager, the world’s first intelligent, plug-and-play appliance goes to work immediately in a 7x24 fashion. After deploy, NetGain EM provides an overall IT management view using our intelligent and lightweight agents/probes, entirely unique to us. It provides a fast and efficient approach to complex IT infrastructure management operations spanning auto-discovery of network devices, systems, applications, and their services along with an intuitive display of network and service topologies and real-time web-based status view.

Collected status and performance information from diverse, complex IT environment will be validated against pre-defined thresholds. Through email, SMS, audio alarms or pop-up windows, IT personnel will be notified the exact location of potential IT breakdowns, to allow efficient business continuity. For further in-depth investigations, historical data reports can also be generated.

Based on an extremely flexible and open management platform, NetGain Systems provides easily customizable frameworks and interfaces enabling solutions to be tailor-made to meet end-user requirements.

Industry verticals that use NetGain Enterprise Manager™ include government, telecommunications, service providers, FSI, and energy among others.

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